Skwezed Green Apple Juice ice 100ml

  • Primary Flavors: Green Apple, Fruity, Ice
  • Manufacture: VPR Collection
  • Brand: Skwezed
  • Nicotine Level:  3mg, 6mg
  • VG/PG Ratio: 70/30
  • Sized: 100ml
  • Made In: USA

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Skwezed Green Apple Juice brings you the best of both worlds on top of that fresh irresistible green apple flavor that you will be hooked on. Skwezed has shown time and time again that they make superior vape juices and out of this world Green Apple flavor is no exception.

As you inhale Best Skwezed Green Apple juice you taste the sweet notes of the classic Green Apple taste that will swirl across your tongue, leaving you drooling from how good the taste is. The inhale alone will have you addicted to this vape juice for years to come. On the exhale you taste the sour notes that will leave your lips puckered for days to come. This vape juice is the most overwhelming authentic flavor of green apple that you will ever find.

Additional information

Nic Level

6 MG


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